Tuesday, January 5, 2010

From 5 to 7...to 9 - Day 25 (or Day 3)

Today was Nemo, Itsy, Nicky & Sydney's last day here.

25 days.

I brought them back at my parents' earlier this evening. They seemed a bit weary of going in their travel cages, as if wondering where they would be going now, but also seemed happy to see my parents.

I'm happy to be back to my normal flock.

It's 9:30 and they are out. They are usually never out this late. But I figured one exception wouldn't be too bad, specially since they had limited time out today. It's definitively different and somewhat more easy going. I know how they react with each other and there isn't as much exclusiveness with them.

This is it for now. I'm tired and I think we are all going to bed soon.

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