Tuesday, January 5, 2010

From 5 to 7...to 9 - Day 24 (or Day 2)


During the week, I usually let the birds out between 30 minutes and an hour in the morning before work, then, when I come home, they come out for another hour, go in for supper, then come back in anywhere between 1 and 2 extra hours.

I'm quite thankful the for the "bird room" now that the Lovebirds are here as well. It allows me to let them out at the same time as the Pois without any risk of attacks. Piper is ok with the Pois since she generally sticks to me, but all three together..that means trouble. However, by letting them have one room to themselves, it took away the opportunity to put a Poi "away" if they got a little restless (Zuri going after Itsy or Itsy and Nemo going after each other). Thankfully, the Pois have been generally well behaved since the Lovebirds came in the portrait.

Back to yesterday, I let the Lovebirds out in the bird room alone while I was in the living room with my boyfriend and the Pois. I did the same thing when we got back home from work. Unfortunately, Piper seemed a bit attention deprived so I figured I'd take the Lovebirds with me out in the living room after supper while my boyfriend remained in the bird room with the Pois. The Lovies loved the extra attention and they were rather sweet..but I did feel slightly guilty leaving the boyfriend with more birds (Piper wanted me and the other two know me better). So I decided to put them back in after an hour.

Apparently, only Shade and Petey behaved perfectly well during that time in the bird room. My boyfriend had things to do so he put Petey in but since Shade did not give him any trouble, I took her out with me in the living room (while the others were put "to bed") to have some special one-on-one (no sharing). She seemed to enjoy it quite a bit and was terribly sweet (although she's normally very sweet). I don't tend to usually have a bird out and not the others, but I have to admit it did feel nice to have some time just with Shade.

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