Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's all about presentation

I often hear people say that their parrots won't touch fresh foods and want to give up pretty early on. Most of the time, the advice is to keep offering the food and vary how it is given; cut it in bigger or smaller chunks, string it kabob style, cooked vs uncooked, etc. The same can be said for toys it seems; I've often noticed that a toy will seldom get played with if placed in a cage but take it out and place it elsewhere and it suddenly becomes the most interesting thing ever. Maybe, sometimes, this has to do with seeing other birds play with it and an understanding about what to do with it comes about.

Yesterday I took a toy off the Java tree to be able to hang the Pirate. I ended up taking down a toy of strung yucca and placing it on the table momentarily. Well, Joey saw it and it didn't take long that he was over it. Barely touched it when it was on the Java tree and went nuts for it when it was on the table. Just goes to show that presentation does matter.

Pictures (I went a little shutter happy lately I know..)

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