Saturday, January 30, 2010

More new toys!

"Les Jouets Rosie" had some sales through one of the bird forums I'm a member of. The items were good deals and of course I couldn't pass.

I paid for my order on Wednesday (had put some toys on the side waiting for others to be on sale) and when I got home last night, a box was waiting for me at the door (insert giddy reaction here)!

Here are pictures of the toys I got..

The triangular swing. It's HUGE. I did not think it would be this big and heavy. I actually doubt that any of my existing hooks in the ceiling, which are already carrying some weight, can take the added weight of the swing/perch, nor can any of the chains I have going through the room. I'll probably have to wait to have a new hook installed before this guy can go up.

I also got this second swing, a much smaller one, which I was able to hang in the room straight away on the chain. I stepped out of the room for a moment and came back to this..

Joey also went on it and as I thought he would, he seemed to enjoy the smaller wooden beads present on the swing.

Once again, the Pirate toy was on sale so I had to grab another..

Finally, some toys that weren't on sale but that I though I'd get anyways. My birds love balsa and although it doesn't last long (balsa is an incredibly soft wood), I figured I'd get each of the Pois a balsa toy. Not knowing what they looked like exactly (it's rather hard to gauge the size of a toy from the website), I took two different models, the "Yo Man" and the "Balsa en folie". Both were the same price and although the Yo Man is very cute, I think the Balsa en folie is probably a better value.

Yo Man

Balsa en folie

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Lifeistemporary said...

wow, those are wonderful!! love the little people ones lol the swings are beautiful as well - very nice.