Sunday, January 3, 2010

My own little cockatoo

My mom's cockatoos love anything with nuts and bolts; taking things apart is tremendously enjoyable for them. They have toys specifically designed for it.

The only thing my guys get that is remotely close to this is the plastic nuts and bolt foot toys. They never really seem to have shown any interest in these type of things otherwise. Well maybe not Joey who will play with anything he shouldn't..

While in the process of getting the bowls of old fresh foods out of the cages, my boyfriend noticed that Shade had a huge bolt in the bottom of her cage. We seriously wondered where it came from and then we found what it was holding up..It was part of the following foraging wheel.

I'm assuming wanting to get at her treats, instead of rotating the front portion of the wheel she somehow managed to unscrew it. Of course, the hidden almonds and Nutriberries were not to be found.

*The product is the Foraging Wheel by Creative Foraging Systems

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