Friday, January 15, 2010

Three birds and a Pirate

Earlier this month, I posted about some toys I got from "Les Jouets Rosie", one of them being the Pirate. I had only ordered one.

I faced a dilemma..who would I give it to?

Well, instead of playing favorites, I ended up hanging the toy on the Java tree in my living room. Like I thought, Shade, Zuri and Joey wanted to play with it.

Of course, I took pictures.

Joey and the Pirate

Simultaneous play

Zuri's turn alone with the Pirate

Shade's turn with the Pirate. She played with it the longest.

A Blooper..

Finally, while we are on the topic of toys, I've added a new links section on the sidebar - it's called "Approved by the birds - Online bird stores" and that is just what it is, links to some of the online bird stores where I buy my birds' favorite toys. Quite a few of them are in French - these stores are based in Quebec. Two of them allow the navigator to choose to browse around in English to some extent if you use the page's translator. As I order from different stores, the list may grow.

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