Sunday, January 31, 2010

My new best friend

The food processor.

This is a batch of fresh food for the birds I made this morning

Normally my mix of greens is slightly more chunky; I would cut everything by hand. It would take a long time, as I would try to cut the vegetables really small, but at one point, I would get a little tired and the chunks wouldn't be as small as when I started.

This morning I remembered we had a food processor; a tiny little thing (it holds 3 cups max and even doesn't like to be filled up past the half way point) that Bram's old landlords had given to us when he moved out as they had got a much better one as a wedding gift..Anyways, we had seldom used it and it lay in the cupboard above the fridge, forgotten.

Well I gave it a whirl this morning and I doubt I'll go back to manually cutting veggies for the birds again; it took me much less time to go through the pile of veggies (list to be found below) and everything was cut so small. What a revelation! So much so, that I'm considering getting a better one in the near future (which can hold more and has different cutting options). Plus, it will be much harder for the birds to pick out what they do not like and for the same amount of veggies, it take much less storage space!

Here is the list of what when in the mix this morning:

-1 big carrot
-1 stalk of broccoli
-A couple florets of cauliflower
-1/3 of a large sweet potato, peeled
-1 red bell pepper
-A couple strands of rapini
-A couple leafs of collard greens
-A handful of Brussels sprouts
-1 orange (mostly for the citrus juice which helps keep everything fresh)

I think that is it. It tasted quite good too!

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