Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I had made an order at "Les Jouets Rosie" (Rosie's toys) sometime last week but had to wait to have it shipped because of the change in address (because of the move). I got the box yesterday and I'm sure I was more excited about it than the birds were...

All the following items were on sale at the time.

First of all, an overview look. The basket toy below the Nutriberries packages is the same as the three further up still in some plastic. I took one out to show what they were really like.

The basket toy, sideview

The basket toy, inside view (yes I know I should have taken the label off)

The "Pirate"; I still have to figure out which bird will get it.

Bag of chewables..I didn't think it would be that big.

The size of the bag is partially due to the "big" much balls. I must admit, I thought they would be smaller. It was a nice surprise.

This is what is considered a small munch ball.

And finally, a bag of scraps of leather. All this leather for the low price of $0.99. I bought two bags.

Add two bags of Nutriberries (my guys love them), and that was the shipment.

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Tracy said...

Oh how fun! I love the toys when they arrive too. LOL

Those are some great ones!!