Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cage cleaning day

I'll be honest, cage cleaning has got to be my least parrot ownership related task and granted, I didn't make things easier for me as I added members to the flock.

These last few months, life has been really busy and while we did a daily clean up (changing papers and spot cleaning), we were long overdue for a full strip-cages-down-clean. Seeing how the weather is in full November gloom, today became cleaning day.

The smaller Pois are relatively clean in general, so their cages weren't too bad, albeit the "hidden" spots (where the grate is inserted into the cage) saw a welcome clean. Léa's cage is still nearly brand new and I can't get over how easy those stainless steel bars are to clean. While I tried to spot clean the bars closer to her fresh food bowl as I see mess appear, there were a few places I missed and food dried hard as cement and yet, a breeze to clean!

We are left with Piper...oh Piper. It took me longer to clean his cage than it did take me to clean Léa's, Zuri's and Shade's combine! I don't know what he does, be he seems quite keen about pooping ON the bars. It's ridiculous, seeing the mess, you would swear he's part lorikeet! It's at the point where I'm strongly considering getting him a flight cage in hopes that the spread out space would help.

But it is quite nice to know everything will be very clean again, at least for a few hours...

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