Thursday, November 22, 2012

Weird birds

This afternoon has been a weird one.

I had Léa out and she was being a bit more bratty than her usual self. She's really full on in her testing phase and I'm afraid that due to a lot of things that have been happening lately, that my patience is limited and I'm exhausted and I think she's feeding into that. She's trying to push the boundaries with biting - mind you, nothing to break the skin and it's got me wondering if she's not trying to play a bit harder than she used to. In any case, she tried one time too many this afternoon and when she got my sternest "NO", she walked away and then came back and sweet and cuddly requesting head. 

As for the Littles, the Boy sent me this message while he was with them earlier - "They are very odd today."

There might be something in the air driving them that way, and, as I said, I'm feeling it as well.

The time I've booked off in December can't come soon enough....

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