Friday, November 2, 2012

Things are looking up

Back in October I posted about having a minor set back with Léa and her not wanting to step up anymore.

I've tried a few things to try and get her to start again, but knew that time would probably be the biggest factor..and it seems like patience was indeed the way to go.

Yesterday, she started stepping up my wrist when asked AND she even, for the first time in a long time, lifted her foot in front of me, her way of asking to be allowed to step up. She did follow the request by a nice uneventful "step up".

As well, for a while she was freaking out if I got too close to her cage and she assumed I was going to ask her to step up - now, she's back at acting rather normally (I should go knock on some wood) even if she won't exactly step up from inside yet. However, I didn't ask her to step up from her cage yesterday, I figured we would get her stepping out from outside more regularly before I attempt that again.

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