Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sleepy birds

On week day mornings, I watch over the little ones in the morning - well except Petey who's free in the birdroom - in the orange room.

Generally they are a little subdued, since I wake them up at 5:30am, but by the end of their time out of their cage, they are fully awake.

With the days getting shorter, this has changed a bit; often they'll be napping while out.

Today is no exception for most of them - in fact all of them but one.


He's gotten more insistent to get even closer to me (trying to get on me as opposed to only perching on the computer desk in front of me) and this morning, he's clowning it up - playing with toys and flipping himself on his back. He's clearly fully awake, and yet, he's the one who seems to find it hardest to "get up".

But he's still making most of his time out in the morning!

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