Sunday, November 11, 2012

November's "Cooking for the birds"

Today was a cooking day!

Well, to be honest it was a two day thing; given how I had injured myself last time because I tried to push too much in one day, I figured that this time around, I'd cook most of my grains/legumes on Saturday and do the rest Sunday (today).

This has been the biggest batch yet - I used my biggest Tupperware container to put everything in and mix and it can hold up to 10 Liters of stuff and I'm very very close to the brim!

What did I use this time around?

Brussels sprouts
Butternut squash
Sweet Potato
Bell pepper
Swiss chard

The list appears less exhaustive than last time, but unlike last time, nothing was left out. I had also initially wanted to include some peas, but we had no frozen peas on hand and most stores were closed today. Since I haven't bagged the lot yet, I might just get the Boy to pick up a bag of peas tomorrow and include them then.

As for grains and legumes, I used quinoa, chick peas (a favorite), French lentils and some pearled barley.

The mix of grains and legumes before the addition of veggies -

The final mix -

Spreading the work over two days was really the best thing - I can only imagine how tired I would have been if I had to do all the work today!

If I'm lucky, this will tide me over until the Holidays next month, where I'll have plenty of time to made a new batch of food!

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Nikki said...

It looks amazingly yummy! I have been very lazy and just heating up brown rice with frozen veggies. You have inspired me to get off my bum.