Sunday, November 18, 2012

Exuberant exit

When Léa thinks that her time to come out of her cage has long gone and that we *finally* get to her, her exits from the cage are something...

Given that she and I are still working on having her nicely step up once again onto my hand from her cage, and that generally weekday mornings she comes out with the Boy, I let him get her out this morning and I didn't feel like getting slapped in the face by Léa rushing and flying out of her cage (the new huge door on her Expandable Habitat cage has greatly increased her confidence in exiting this way...)

I remained in the orange room while the Boy proceeded to uncover her cage and let her out. It seems that this morning she had bounds of energy and gave him an exit that is normally reserved for me - I heard plenty of wing flaps and the sound of Léa almost taunting him (which she doesn't do with me at least). She repeated "Léa" and "viens-t-en" plenty of times. She was saying it while high on the ropes and nets in the birdroom and if the Boy got remotely close, she would fly to another location and start over.

Amusing for me, if only because I wasn't the one she was doing this to...and definitively something we will have to work on with her.

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