Sunday, November 25, 2012

Léa's new favorite hang out spot

That would be the top of her cage. I think she likes it a lot up there, regardless of the lack of toys and such, because it's difficult for us to get her to step up from up there if she's not in a cooperating mood, seeing how the cage is slightly taller than the Boy or I...and if she heads for the middle, then she's out of reach.

So far, I can manage to get her off if I have a pumpkin seed in my hand and get her to fly to me. I would say the lure of the pumpkin seed has always worked (so far) for me.

Another thing that she loves about that spot is that she generally gets to go in the evening, as we are preparing the other cages for the night and the Boy, out of habit, will put the cloth pins we use to tie the sheets we use to cover the cages right on top there and she loves to try and destroy them. She absolutely loves when he forgets she's there and gets to play with the forbidden item (which we promptly take away).

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