Sunday, November 4, 2012

Some mornings, they are just crazy

It should really read "week-end mornings" as during the week they are brought out ridiculously early and all seem to be slowly waking up during that time - as a result, they are calm and quite pleasant to be around; they don't get into each other's space and they do their own thing.

Then there are mornings like today where they are totally the opposite.

I don't know if it's the combination of us changing the time and actually taking advantage of the "extra" hour to sleep, which means they got some extra sleeping time as well, the uncertain weather outside which generally means somewhat more crazy birds...but there was something this morning that made the Littles extra nuts.

They are generally let out of their cages in the following order - Shade, Zuri and Piper, followed by Joey and Pixel and finally Petey. This morning was no different except that the Red bellies didn't wait to be brought into the orange room as much as they just flew to it, forcing the Boy to run behind them while I was already in the room with the first trio. The Red bellied sudden appearance (they have a certain frantic aspect to their flight) got the others a little on edge and while Joey just flopped himself on the back of my chair (it didn't feel like a controlled and intended landing), Pixel aimed for Shade's spot (and probably Shade as well). Shade, always very smart and quick, got out of the way, and landed on the back of my chair, next to Joey. Generally Joey wouldn't mind, but this morning decided to do a warning snap in Shade's direction. Joey got moved to the computer desk and Shade to my shoulder.

Things were alright for about five minutes, but then Piper decided to get under my hand again which meant getting close to crazy Joey and that was far from being a great idea. Joey has been known to very suddenly jump on things when provoked and I felt that this morning he was in a mood to do just that. So I kept Piper away from him, which made Piper more antsy because he wasn't getting what he wanted and he just kept trying and trying.

Shade kept flying between me and the playstand on which Zuri was hanging out on. Generally this is not a problem, but Zuri was in a cranky mood so every time she landed remotely close to him, he would snap at her. Oddly enough, Shade didn't get the message and kept going back and forth.

According to the Boy, Petey was also quite antsy and hard to keep under control - which means it was just a matter of time before he launched into an aerial attack on me.

40 minutes of this brought the Boy and I on edge - and given that the risk of an accident seemed quite high, they all went back in their cages a little earlier than intended.

But it seems the crazy attitude wasn't only meant for them - since Léa came out all she has been doing is getting into trouble as well.

It's going to be a fun day...

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