Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Toy placement makes a difference

This is how I first set up Léa's new cage -

You can see to the right a big toy hanging right next to the side panel; it's Léa's Big Beak Bop toy from Crystal's Bird Toys. I had placed it in between her water bowl and her dry food bowl and installed a rope perch close by to make it easy to chew on the toy, but it didn't really work; she seems to favour the left side of the cage.

The toy that is in the back right hand corner doesn't look quite as full anymore and most of what is left on the strands of leather is hanging below the skywalk perch so this weekend, I decided to swap what was left of that toy with the Big Beak Bop.

Turns out, placement is everything it seems.

Here she is hanging out on the Big Beak Bop. Before she saw me and the camera, she was actually playing with the toy while standing where she is in the picture. It just seems that she couldn't cooperate for the camera..

So far, she's destroyed one or two of the thinner blocks of wood - not that they are very thin, but thinner than the blocks that are showing in the picture. I'm quite curious as to whether or not she'll think those pieces of wood are too thick and I guess time will tell.

But at least she's playing with it!

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