Sunday, November 25, 2012

A few more handmade toys

I didn't make as many lately as I have been very busy and consumed with other things. But sometimes stringing beads and pieces of wood in the evening has a calming effect.

For the first two toys, I used a wooden dowel base.

Toy #1 - Random pieces of wood, either natural coins, hardwood beads or blocks from Mother Pluckin' Bird Toys strung up on some seagrass cord.

Toy #2 - Mix of hardwood beads and some pine slats strung up on some cotton rope.

Toy #3 - For this one, I started with two long pieces of rope and made a knot in the middle, giving  me 4 strings of rope to work with. On each string, halfway down I added another string of cotton rope, tied in the middle of it, to give an additional 2 strings so the toy looks fuller. I used hardwood beads and, for the first time, the pieces of wood I cut not too long ago.

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