Friday, November 2, 2012

I made a few toys today

It seems I was in one of those moods today where making toys was relaxing. Mind you, I didn't go complicated at all!

Sometime last year, I bought stainless steel skewers with every intention of using them for food. But once they got here, I put them away in a bin and kinda forgot I had them, which isn't very practical. Today, while I was changing the toys in the cages, I thought about them and figured I might as well use them as quick toy bases rather then let them sit unused.

These are beyond simple, but should keep the birds occupied for a day or two.

As well, seeing how some of the birds have been in the mood for snapping thin slabs of pine (this comes and goes), I made a few more very simple toys using pine slabs I've had for a long time, some beads and some cotton rope.

A "big" version - I used 6 slabs of pine per strand I think?

A few "small" versions - I used 4 slabs of pine per strand.

These won't necessarily last me for a long time, but I guess I might as well start using all the toy making supplies I have on a more consistent basis instead of just keeping them nicely tucked away...

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