Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Birdie alarm

I had a rough night last night. I woke up on a few occasions on my own but always managed to get back to sleep.

Then, around 4 am, I woke up in a daze - I could have sworn I heard some of the birds, mostly Léa, scream and suddenly, there was a man's voice in my house. This, of course, made me quite uneasy and I tried to wake the Boy up so he would go and check out what was going on but he wouldn't budge. So I got up.

For some reason, our new computer had awoken itself and a video I had paused earlier in the evening had started, which explained the man's voice. But not knowing what had prompted it to turn on, I went into the birdroom to check on the birds - they were once again quiet and there was no unidentified presence in the room.

I went back and more or less forced the Boy to go and check downstairs. He came back and said everything seemed normal (and did I ever resent him for using the word "seem" - it doesn't scream certainty).

When the alarm finally signaled 5:30 am, I waited to listen to the news and it appears we had an earthquake start not too far from where we live and apparently it was felt by quite a few people. While I myself can't say that I felt anything, I'm sure that is what set off the birds and mostly likely what set off the computer as well.

One of the bad side effects is that Léa is back to being a little weird - and I'm sure I have that earthquake to blame as it probably spooked her.

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