Friday, November 2, 2012

Some birdies had fun today!

Last month I ordered some toys from Crystal's Bird Toys. One "kind" was the "Small Squeak Squiggle" - which really is a result of me asking her to make a smaller version of her "Big Beak Bop" toy.

Today, I decided it was time to give it to the birds for destruction - Pixel, Joey, Shade and Zuri got theirs this morning and Petey will get his later tonight when the Boy will help me reorganize his cage.

This is what the toys looked like "new" -

While it is difficult to take a nice picture of the toys now, given other toys are in the way, here is the a glimpse at the mess created by all four birds who quite enjoyed them.

Shade's cage

Zuri's cage

Pixel's cage

Joey's cage - he has some coloured wood mixed into his "mess" as he also started to enjoy his new Sunflower Farm Things for Wings toy!

I gave a quick glance at the toys themselves and there were at least half way done with them, if not more. I'm guessing by tomorrow evening at the latest they'll all be completely destroyed.

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