Thursday, November 8, 2012

Messy pomegranate or messy Léa?

Tonight, the birds got some pomegranate arils as part of their dinner.

It was a risky move, seeing how potentially messy they can be.

However, most of the small guys kept the mess to a minimum - after all, they can't waste any of the goodness (I had the rest of the fruit and it was delicious!)

Léa on the other hand....

Pomegranate stains all over her lower mandible and her left foot was covered in red sticky juice.

But the mess didn't end there.

The bars closest to her bowl were splattered, although there were some stray drops much higher up.
The paper at the bottom of her cage was also a mess - but luckily it seemed contained to her cage and nothing on the floor or wall behind it.

It really seems like she enjoyed it but I hope she'll learn to eat them more neatly like the others!

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